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hey you. 


just a little heads up that my soul is currently hugging your own, 

stretching my arms across skies and wrapping you in waves of love spilling through my skin. 

i hope you can feel it. 


thank you for showing up.

for waking up this morning.

for breathing. living. loving. 

for being here.

for just being. 


this human experience on earth is not easy. especially when you feel everything. so much. so deeply. as a child, I didn’t understand my heightened sensitivity. my skin was like a sponge, effortlessly absorbing the energy of every living creature i came into contact with. there was no one there to tell me i wasn’t crazy, or that it was okay to let my emotions flow through me. so i learned to bury my fragile heart beneath walls of self induced anger. i didn’t understand why everything hurt so deeply, or what i was even doing here. everyone around me seemed to have something figured out that i didn’t. i didn’t know that everyone was secretly pretending. that really, no one knows anything. 


i didn’t feel safe to open up to people in “real life”, so, as many severe introverts do…I found myself looking for connection on the internet. 


i began sharing my journey through Instagram and youtube nearly three years ago. I was a senior in high school who ate banana ice cream on her back porch and had no idea what her life “plan” was. and somehow, through exposing my fears, doubts, and insecurities online, with you…I was brought here.

in this moment, writing these words. 


i wish I had a safe space to freely share my story and self express when I was growing up. (…i am still growing up.) 

beneath the surface, we are all just starving to be seen.


and you don’t have to hide any longer. 


here is access to our private FB group:


you will be added to the facebook group within 24 hours.


this space is your own. post what makes your heart overflow. share your story.

capture moments, create beauty from emptiness. connect. love. flow. be. 


there are no limitations here. 

online course each month

each month, I will be focusing on a single self love topic which will be embodied through newsletters, podcasts, and a full transformational course. 

August is focused on healing through intuitive eating. september is focused on healing your skin.

becoming your body’s best friend.

turning your skin into a living sanctuary.

this is your soul’s only home.

breathing. tuning in. listening.

(which I am still learning to do, every single day. though i know that that supporting others with this, will help me heal too.)


i created this COEXIST community to support one another, to uplift each other, to follow our passions, to nurture our intuition,

and to create art that will heal this whole world. 


if there is anything I know for sure, it is that you are not alone, you are not separate from me. the same source of love flows through us all.

human connection is everything.


all i’ve ever wanted to do is heal and make humans happy.

so thanks for helping me with that. 

and thanks for being.

just as you are.


i love you a lot.


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