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A: It’s like a filter for your photos! I edit all of images with custom presets I create in Adobe Lightroom by adjusting the hues of specific colors and tones within an image. Then, I save that edit to apply to photos so my Instagram flows together. It’s like painting with photography!


Q: Are your presets a one click fix?

A: No, due to the fact that every photo has different lighting and colors, my presets will look a little bit different on your photos than mine. I shoot most of my images in natural, low light surroundings, which is what this collection is designed for. however, These presets subtly illuminate the natural tones, so you should only have to make slight adjustments in Lightroom (fine tuning the exposure, contrast, luminance, saturation, etc.) to create the look you are striving for.


Q: How many presets are in your collection?

A: There are 14 presets in my H O M E collection, and my top 4 favorites in my h o m e sample collection, with hues ranging from gold radiance to lush jungle tones.


Q: How much do your presets cost?

A: My full H o m e collection is $41USD, and my sample collection is $14usd. 


Q: How do I receive your presets after purchasing them?

A: After your payment is completed, you will receive an email with a download link containing the presets. Once you click the link, you will have 24 hours to save the files to your computer before they expire, so be sure to check your email right after purchasing them.


Q: How do I use your presets?

a: My presets are compatible with all Adobe Lightroom Classic CC (OSX and Windows) programs starting as low as $9.99/month. Available here. (I use adobe lightroom version 5.6.)


Q: How do I download the presets to my computer?

1. Open Lightroom and click on the Lightroom tab in the upper left corner of your screen

2. Click Preferences

3. Click presets

4. Click show lightroom presets folder

5. Open the lightroom folder

6. Open the develop presets folder

7. drag the preset collection zip folder into the develop presets folder

8. Close lightroom

9. Reopen lightroom

10. select one of your images in lightroom and click the develop module

11. You will see the presets appear on the left


Q: Do your presets work with the Lightroom mobile app?

a: Yes, although my presets can only be synced to mobile through Lightroom on your computer.


q: how do I sync your presets to my lightroom mobile app?

1. if you are not already signed into lightroom mobile on your computer, sign in by clicking "get started with lightroom mobile" in the upper left corner of your screen.

2. create a new image collection and make sure "sync with lightroom mobile" is clicked. (title this collection: Plantifulsoul presets or Home collection.)

3. select an image from your library and drag it into this collection. It is best to choose one that you can easily see the applied presets. 

4. apply one preset to the image, and title this image with the selected preset. (for example, if you use the "COAST" preset, title this image "COAST.")

5. repeat steps 3 and 4 until you have each preset saved to 14 different images in your collection.

6. it may take a few minutes to sync to your phone.

7. open up the lightroom app on your phone.

8. you should see your new collection containing all fourteen images under "collections". 

9. select one image with a preset you would like to apply to another image in your lightroom mobile library.

10. click on the three little dots in the upper righthand corner and click, "copy settings". 

11. select a new, unedited image in your lightroom library. 

12. click on the three little dots, and click "paste settings".

13. the preset will now be applied. 

Q: Do your presets work with iPhone photos?

A: Yes! My presets work with both Raw and JPEG images.


q: what if I purchase the mini collection, and decide to purchase the full collection later on? 

a: if you have purchased the mini collection and then want to get the full collection, please send an email to: with a screenshot of your previous receipt/order number/or email address you used to make the first purchase. i will refund your mini collection purchase, so you don’t end up paying twice for the same presets.