plantifulsoul preset collection

a living nirvana between heaven and earth,

COMPOSED OF backyard sanctuaries, AND untamed coastlines.

cradled in the waves of an indigo sea.

one year ago, i woke up within a concrete jungle. mind whirling. questioning everything. a little island lingering in the depths of a pacific ocean had wrapped it's waves around my finger. her forests had stitched their roots beneath my skin. her whispers softly spoke through sleepless nights...until lucid lullabies rose to an unwavering roar. to return. to come home. so, i surrendered. and let go. of everything. emptied my apartment in Los Angeles, gave away nearly everything I owned, booked a one way ticket to hawaii, and never looked back. no plan. no direction. learned to tread the thin line between unshaken trust and blind carelessness. hurled my limbs into the lungs of uncertainty. and rose upon the wings of courage. faith wove feathers upon my spine. and carried me home. and it was here, i retraced my roots. reawakened my origins. it was here, i fell in love. with the taste of 7 am coffee from food trucks and the selflessness stitched into the hearts of strangers who carry you for miles in the back of their truck without asking for anything in return. with the soft flicker of light whispering through roadside fields at dusk. the feeling of collapsing into bed at night after racing through forests barefoot until the last sliver of sunlight melts beneath crystalline coastlines. the bond i have to this place is indescribable. it cannot be touched by words alone. i created this collection of presets so that you may glimpse this home through my eyes. through painting moments captured here with the colors of my imagination, breathing life into light, i’ve infused the sacred energy of this island into each preset i’ve created. it is my hope that these presets may illuminate the beauty and strengthen your connection to your home, wherever on earth you may be. for my connection to this earth only arose through nurturing the borderless nature of my inner world, first. i learned to belong to myself. i learned to love myself. i learned to see every inch of my being through the eyes of unconditional compassion, and this illumination gradually grew until it became my living reflection in all that surrounded me. 

we are each on a journey of becoming that which we already are.

so i became my own refuge. i became my own home. 
because in the end, home isn’t a place. 

it’s a feeling. 

it is love.