MARCH 22ND, 2018

this is my whole heart in your hands. this is love.

to every human who changed my life over the course of this past year, thank you. you know who you are.

you have shown me what unconditional love is, in it's purest form.


never grow up. 


december 23rd, 2017.

the moment your hand wrapped its way around my own, i cradled the warmth of a thousand stars in my fingertips. like a wave washing over a coastline, your light was soft and gentle. it stirred my soul from her slumber as it whispered beneath my skin. reawakened the curiosity that once composed every fiber of my being. stitched wings upon the spine of the little girl buried inside of me. the one who nearly wilted beneath the weight of this world. your untamed imagination nurtured the rebirth of my inner child. crystalline carved my veins as i shed my skin and rose through a womb of celestial grace. followed the illumination of your footsteps to the edge of this earth, gathered my feathers, and free fell. drifted into the arms of infinity as we retraced our roots. swam through lavender clouds and danced barefoot in lullaby rain. climbed the slender limbs of coco trees as the sun blanketed our skin in liquid gold. lost in an inner nirvana, we returned to our origins. a new earth emerged before my eyes as as i glimpsed eternity through your own. a mind free from fear, you see your reflection in every trace of beauty that surrounds you. the little grains of sand clinging to your skin are no less than the milky galaxies lingering in the indigo sky above. the lungs of the forests and rivers exhale the same sound of eternity. and this is the purest form of freedom. effortless interconnection with the sacred source of love running through all living creatures. the rhythm of unspoken unity. rising and falling with each breath you take, as your sleepy head rests against my chest.

in your soul, we are one. in your eyes, i found myself.


my sanctuary.


september 17th, 2017.

i can still taste the tendrils of smoke drifting through smoldering ashes at dawn. filling our lungs with lingering echoes spoken over flickering firelight from the night before. this is home. guided by our thirst for curiosity, we've found ourselves here. a little sliver of coast, nestled in backyard sanctuaries. we rise with the whispers of waves gathering cool sand beneath crystalline sheets, kissing the slumbering shoreline in endless infatuation. we are the children who have forgotten to grow up. eternally careless, passionately alive. earth cradles our saltwater flecked skin. we climb the slender limbs of coco trees and fill our bellies with foraged guavas and spoonfuls of hand spun stories. our origins were reawakened through rhythmic whispers rising from the ashes of the chaos in a world we've left behind. passionately curious. eternally wild. unapologetically alive. earth is our medicine. her roots, our cure. she cradles our saltwater flecked skin and bathes our limbs in lullaby rain. we climb the slender arc of coco trees and fill our bellies with foraged guavas and spoonfuls of hand spun stories. we thread families together through barefoot rituals and unspoken dreams. my hunger for curiosity guided me here. to a world between worlds.

a realm untouched by human hands. where souls become sanctuaries.

and we find ourselves, in lost places.


the return.


may 11th, 2017. 

i am currently living in a treehouse with a kind human i met at a grocery store the first night i came here. i feel as though i have woken up within a living jungle book. nothing seems real any longer. it has rained for nearly the past four days....i fell asleep to the gentle drizzle of liquid popcorn upon the roof. crickets chirping from their mossy kingdom beneath me. we wake up to the purr of a forest cat named sharkey  lingering outside our window who nibbles our fingers and leaves traces of fur in our coffee in exchange for breakfast. we ate hand picked veggies from the local garden for dinner and pee in the forest because there is no bathroom in this home. yesterday we found ourselves in a little cocoon covered with nothing but the gentle kiss of mother earth and frolicked in a sea of curiosity. cradled in the roots of this ethereal sanctuary. cured through to earth. barefoot rituals tracing through this kingdom until the last sliver of sunlight melts into lavender waves. nurturing a piece of an inner child left untamed...wounds turn to wildflowers. the bottoms of my feet have turned to mud. paw prints lie scattered across the floor. my skin smells like lavender. my knees are scraped from coral and barefoot bike rides. my sheets have turned to sand and my hair tastes like salt. basil lingers in the air. drinking in starlight and learning to tame the fireflies of this eternal insides are happy. the earth is soft.

i am home.